it's been real, for real.

 So yeah. I don't use this part of livejournal anymore. I check my friends page every so often, but really, I am not using this part at all. So, I am just saying that this is the end of the updates here. I have a nice tumblr right here and a twitter here. Also I still have a webpage here. Its just how often am I updating it? Not often at all... No no no. It's been a weird year for me. But whats the point of explaining it all. Any further updates will be made through those pages. Mostly the twitter. Every so often the Tumblr. Since last year for the website. Oh man. Such a sad feeling saying goodbye to livejournal. But I really can't stand it any longer. 

This Weekend in Boston...

Super Art Fight is a little show I am apart of and this show is going on the road to Boston to be apart of ROFLcon 2!

I am going to draw against the amazing Yuko Ota (of Johnny Wander) in the first bout of Super Art Fight! If you live in Boston... or are going to ROFLcon or want to spot a Jamie in the wild, come to M.I.T. and check me out this weekend! I will also be at a table selling some one of a kind quick ink drawings and also do sketch cards and giving away high fives!

See you in Boston!

ROFLcon info:
Friday April 30th-Saturday May 1st, 2010
M.I.T. buildings, Boston MA
Pretty cool dudes and Ladies alike...
Co-mingling around people who make a living or are famous from the internet.
Be there or not... because you cant leave your precious internet.


 I was given an awesome table to replace my sad dying old graphite blue i got in like 2003/2004... So in my free time, I've been drawing on it to improve and get used to it... It seems when you draw with a broken crappy tablet, it means you don't draw like a normal person... and this new one works so well its like I'm learning all over again. Plus its like 3 times larger with a drawing field... crazy. anyway, here is a cute girl I drew!

Now its time for Lost. goodnight.

Hourly Comic Day!

Hourly comic day is a great day for every person to stretch out their arms and live the life of another person. Here you can see I was very boring. I am a very boring person. I regret nothing. Enjoy my day as much as I didn't.
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Sudden Valley

Another installment of the camping saga. tada!

Today is the kind of day I would like to just stay in bed all day, because its rainy and cold. Here comes winter... But not before Halloween!